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The pattern began to emerge, even in early childhood, for Betty Neal Crutcher to be exposed to a variety of mentors – family members, friends at Tuskegee (Institute) University, professional colleagues.

Betty Neal Crutcher, Ph.D.

Betty Neal Crutcher, Ph.D.

Certainly by the time that she enrolled as Sociology major at Tuskegee, she sensed the value of these mentors.  Her first daily practice with incorporating cross-cultural mentoring into her own experiences was at the University of Michigan, where she completed her Masters of Public Health.

Dr. Crutcher’s conceptual framework for cross-cultural mentoring, anchored in values, virtues and vision, began to crystallize as she worked in various higher education institutions in North Carolina, Texas and Ohio.  These institutions included the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Guilford College, Cleveland Clinic, the University of Texas at Austin, Miami University, and currently at Wheaton College.

At a personal level, as the mother of Sara and as wife of Wheaton College President Ronald Crutcher, she has been able to watch and participate in the different roles and effects of mentors, both in her own and in the next generations.

Her dissertation, accepted for the Doctor of Philosophy program at Miami University (OH) in 2006, examined the perspectives of mentors, especially in cross-cultural experiences.  Since that time, Dr. Crutcher has presented her work at the Mellon Mentoring Conference, the American Association of Museums, Institute on Mentoring, Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Council of Independent Colleges, the American Council on Education, Drexel University and Miami University (OH). She has also given presentations in Cross-Cultural Mentoring at Harvard Medical School, Albany Medical College, and the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Her article, “Mentoring Across Cultures,” was published in Academe (July/August, 2007), The Education Digest (December, 2007; Volume 73, No. 4) and Tomorrow’s Professor’s Blog (January, 2008).

In recognition of these contributions, the Wheaton College Board of Trustees recently has supported Dr. Crutcher’s roles as Presidential Spouse and as Senior Mentoring Consultant.

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